By my last count, I have traveled to about half the 50 states for my work at Independent Processor, as well as a couple of foreign countries. I’ve already made a trip out to Northern California this year, and you’ll see the results of that trip in the next couple of issues of the magazine. I know about conventions in Nashville and Des Moines, and I have a couple of intriguing offers for a couple of other trips, too.

The one trip that I can’t plan on is the one for the Independent Processor of the Year. You read about it in the August issue, but the work that goes into it starts well before then. I start looking for prospective candidates around this time of the year (HINT HINT). Over the next month or so, I solicit short essays from those companies that help to explain why they would make good candidates. I have to pass those essays to the colleagues and industry friends who help me decide on the winner. Then once that’s all done, then I get to plan the trip to wherever my IPOY winner is, leaving me with enough time to write the story and get it into the issue.

So, as long as I’ve started the IPOY process, this is as good a time as any to let my readers know that I am looking for a small or mid-sized company that best represents what it is to be an independent processor. That ideal candidate would be financially successful, obviously, but there’s more than that. It would release innovative, popular products, treat its employees well and be a valued member of its community. If that sounds like you, please get in touch with me at, and I’ll be happy to send you more information about the nomination process.