Manna Tree Partners, a Vail, CO-based asset manager that invests growth capital in companies that produce, process and distribute healthy food, today announced it has made a $15 million minority investment in Woburn, MA-based Verde Farms, a pioneer and leading provider of 100% grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised, organic beef for retail, club, and foodservice customers. Manna Tree Partners was founded in 2018 by Gabrielle Rubenstein, CEO; Ross Iverson, CIO; and Brent Drever, COO. This is Manna Tree Partners fourth investment.

Manna Tree Partners COO Brent Drever said, "Consumers today are more keenly attuned to the impacts of their purchase decisions from a health and sustainability standpoint. We believe Verde is well-positioned to become the brand of choice for these consumers based on their sustainability and animal welfare standards, superior-quality products, traceable supply chain, and a proven, sustainable business model."

He added, "The grass-fed organic beef market remains under-penetrated with significant opportunity to expand with a branded product offering and a thoughtful go-to-market strategy. Dana Ehrlich and his team are tapping into that incredible growth opportunity."

Dana Ehrlich, CEO of Verde, said, "Manna Tree Partners shares our mission-driven commitment to providing consumers with beef that is better for people, better for the animal, and better for the planet and to craft products using only great-tasting, authentic ingredients like those you can find in your own cupboard at home. This partnership will better enable us to meet rising global demand for 100% grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised beef. In 2020 we are excited to introduce innovative, ready-to-eat mealtime options unlike anything on the market and to continue our geographic expansion within the United States in the near-term and internationally in the long-term."

Source: Verde Farms