Packaging solutions that demonstrate greater sustainability by using less natural resources, therefore complying with current retail guidelines, will be dominating the headlines during Interpack 2020. At stand B19 in hall 5, under its striking motto “GO sustainable!”, SEALPAC will be presenting numerous innovative packaging concepts that minimize the use of plastic by providing paper-based alternatives, mono solutions, as well as ultra-thin trays. Furthermore, the global specialist in tray-sealing and thermoforming technology, will demonstrate how these resource-saving, contemporary solutions can be implemented on state-of-the-art SEALPAC equipment with particularly efficient energy consumption.

End users will benefit from modern packaging systems that contribute to environmental and climate protection, meet the requirements of the latest EU plastic regulations, yet still perfectly match current trends in the food industry, such as the rise of organic, vegetarian and vegan products.

eTray: paper-based MAP tray, now also with mono PP inlay
With eTray, SEALPAC has been revolutionizing the MAP segment for high-class products since its launch last year. At Interpack 2020, the company will show that eTray can now also be supplied with a mono PP inlay, hence addressing the latest guidelines of food retailers regarding sustainable packaging materials. The tray, suitable for a wide range of fresh food products, consists of a high-quality cardboard base, which can be fully printed on the inside and outside. It has a thin plastic inner layer that purely provides the sealing and barrier function. Owing to the highly stable, uninterrupted sealing edge, each tray is reliably sealed under MAP to ensure the safest packaging process.

Compared to common trays in the market, up to 40% less plastic will be used, depending on shape and size. After use, the inlay and light-weight cardboard base are easily separated from each other, allowing for optimal recycling of paper and plastic waste.

In Düsseldorf, SEALPAC will be demonstrating the eTray packaging system on its versatile A6 traysealer that comes with low-wear servo drive and a particularly efficient use of energy. The SEALPAC A-series traysealers are the only units available on the market that are completely lubrication-free. This significantly reduces maintenance requirements and costs. The advanced, servo-driven lifting systems of these traysealers ensure a smooth packaging process with a consistently high performance.

Ultra-thin trays: significant plastic reduction, reliable processing
Another Interpack highlight will be SEALPAC’s presentation of ultra-light trays produced from mono PP or mono PET, which lead to significant plastic reductions. The use of plastic trays for packaging fresh food items under modified atmosphere has become a worldwide standard since the introduction of industrial self-service packaging at the start of this century. The advantages, such as stackability, reliable processing, optimal product protection, impeccable appearance and excellent shelf life, have become properties that highly matter to retailers, food manufacturers and consumers.

In order to address the current demand for even thinner and more sustainable packaging, SEALPAC teamed up with various tray manufacturers and has now been able to reduce the weight of, for example, the most commonly used MAP tray for fresh meat in Europe (190 x 144 x 50 mm) from 18 grams in 2003 to well under 10 grams today. Despite their low weight, the processing stability of these trays on SEALPAC’s Aseries Traysealers is guaranteed, even in high-output applications such as for minced meat. The ultra-thin trays are easily stacked and denested, demonstrate the necessary pressure stability and impress with their reliable oxygen values after sealing. By using SEALPAC’s unique SmartCord in-feed system, reliable tray transport is guaranteed. In addition, this system ensures faster changeovers without mechanical adjustments and offers an unmatched hygienic design.

Thermoformed packs: made from mono materials, easy to recycle
Improved recycling by using mono plastic is an important solution to provide more sustainability. In the area of thermoforming, SEALPAC presents a fully recyclable pack for cheese blocks, also suitable for other fresh food items, packaged under modified atmosphere. The C-base bottom film, manufactured by Schur Flexibles, is made from mono PP and combined with a recyclable top film. As such, it fulfils the latest packaging regulations.

The packaging system is demonstrated on a SEALPAC RE25 thermoformer, which comes with the unrivalled Rapid Air Forming system. This technology allows for perfect forming without the use of stamps. Furthermore, due to shorter vacuum and ventilation times, higher outputs are achieved. It even enables the use of up to 10% thinner films, due to improved forming consistency, particularly in the corners of the pack. Overall, the RE25 thermoformer achieves considerable material and energy savings. Combined with SEALPAC’s new tooling quick exchange system from the side, this piece of equipment also shows maximum flexibility, as product changes are executed with minimum effort and downtime.

SEALPAC at Interpack 2020 in Düsseldorf from 7 - 13 May: hall 5, stand B19.

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