Wooster Products’ new Flex-Tred Edge Sealing Compound is easier to use and with no VOCs, is easier on the environment. A one-part, high solids, elastomeric sealant, this solvent release product is ready to use without mixing, priming or heating. Easily applied by squeeze tube, this flexible compound seals Wooster’s Flex-Tred anti-slip tape to all types of metal including galvanized, wood, particleboard, plywood, EPDM and other kinds of rubber, thermoplastics, thermoset plastics, fiberglass and other fiber reinforced plastics, concrete, masonry and glass. It and has excellent weather, UV and ozone resistance, for a long service life. Fast drying Flex-Tred Edge Sealing Compound is tack free in under an hour – and can be painted when dry. It has outstanding water and moisture resistance, and resists cracking, chipping and peeling, enhancing the service life of Flex-Tred anti-slip tape products.

Surfaces to be bonded should be cleaned of all dust, oils, and other contaminants. A solvent wipe is often adequate. Bond to rigid surfaces are typically improved by a solvent wipe followed by light abrasion (180 grit) and another solvent wipe to remove abrasive residue. Dry surfaces thoroughly before applying sealant.

Easy to use. Simply apply a bead of adhesive/sealant to surface at temperatures above 40°F. The applied bead will shrink approximately 55% so no tooling is necessary for most applications. Bead surface will be tack free in 15-45 minutes, depending on ambient conditions.

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