Wooster Products non-slip Epoxy WP-70 provides sure footing for pedestrian and vehicular traffic found in food and beverage processing plants. Designed specifically for heavy traffic areas, this proven product allows sure footing on normally wet surfaces like freezer floors, brewery floors, cannery floors, ramps, walkways, decks, and other areas within food processing plants. WP-70 is a two-part anti-slip epoxy system which provides excellent abrasion resistance, chemical, solvent, and water resistance. A stiff, thick product, it is applied using a trowel and squeegee and renews damaged ramps and floors in one coat. Can be applied to metal, aluminum, wood, concrete, and other surfaces. One gallon of Epoxy WP-70 covers approximately 25-35 square feet of surface area and dries in approximately 8 hours. It meets OSHA, ADA, and USDA guidelines, and provides an approximate coefficient of friction of .92 when dry, and approximately .76 when wet. Available in black and gray. 

In addition to food and beverage processing applications, Epoxy WP-70 is ideal for use marine installations such as workboats and passenger-carrying vessels like ferries and cruise ships, textile mills, canneries, trucks, trailers, lift gates, and other surfaces where sure footing is desired in normally wet environments.  

Source: Wooster Products