A new 2-page, full color brochure from Force Control Industries details their comprehensive lineup of clutches, brakes and clutch/brakes for food and beverage processing applications. Innovative oil shear design allows millions of cycles with no adjustment or maintenance required. Various mounting and actuation methods are available. Totally enclosed sealed housings are impervious to heat, cold, water, humidity, and caustic spray. Washdown options include nickel plating, white epoxy, Steel-it stainless steel epoxy, and corrosion resistant hardware. Force Control Oil Shear clutches, brakes and clutch/brakes are ideal for a wide variety of high-cycle food and beverage processing applications; including use on conveyors, stackers, palletizers, indexers, feeders, and more.

Specially formulated food grade transmission fluid is used for cooling and provides a hydroviscous fluid film between the friction disc and the drive plate during the dynamic phase of engagement. This significantly reduces wear of the friction material, while re-circulating the fluid removes the heat of engagement, resulting in a significantly longer service life than traditional dry braking and clutch systems, with no adjustments required.

Products detailed include MagaShear electric release spring set motor brakes, PosiStop Air/Hydraulic actuated foot mounted brakes, PosiStop X-Class air actuated motor and coupler brakes, Posidyne X-Class air operated clutch/brakes, and Posidyne air/hydraulic actuated foot mounted clutch/brakes.

All Force Control products are manufactured in the USA, in their Fairfield, OH (suburban Cincinnati) factory. Copies of the new literature are available for download at https://forcecontrol.com/images/downloads/flyers/Food_Processing_2020_040120-2_Web.pdf.