You make products (sausage, ham, minced meat, mozzarella cheese, herbal butter) on which the consumer imposes the highest of demands: taste, consistency, visual appeal – everything has to be of optimum quality.

This is why we at Poly-clip System help to put you in a position to supply the consumer with perfect products – as a result of numerous controls, reliable and patented procedures which we have developed ourselves, as well as first-class materials. You can rely on us, the food safety and Halal compliance of our sausage clips.

Yes, we are talking about aluminum clips. Poly-clip System’s production processes for clips comply with Islamic rules. With the Halal certificate the customers can rely on that the manufacturing processes comply with the relevant religious dietary requirements. To avoid the grinding of metal against metal, clips from Poly-clip System are produced with the SAFE-COAT. Other clip manufacturers might be using oil or animal fats. Natural casings but also fibrous and plastic casings are usually permeable. Our clip production is halal certified in order to ensure that the final products are not compromised in any way.

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