Foodmate has developed the MAX6000 Whole Breast Deboning System, which debones breast caps or front halves, and requires a small footprint, allowing processing plants to maximize their work areas.

This breast deboning system debones up to 6,000 breast caps or front halves per hour and produces butterfly cuts, filets, and tenders in/out. It features an integrated automated skinner and wishbone remover. 

“The MAX6000 was designed to be a simple, compact and efficient system, and yet, to have a small footprint”, stated Scott Hazenbroek, president of Foodmate US Inc. “We also wanted this machine to provide a highly-efficient breast deboning that produced a variety of cuts. The MAX6000 can do that without all the labor normally needed during the breast meat deboning process”, added Hazenbroek. 

MAX6000 is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive touch-screen operating panel with the pre-programmed product selection or pre-set programs to increase control production on the fly and to save on set up time.  

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