As Georgia moves forward with re-opening measures, and businesses navigate social distancing in the marketplace, HMI Cardinal has launched Cardinal SHIELD, an innovative glass barrier product that protects customers and employees in retail settings.

Cardinal SHIELD barriers are a tempered clear glass that serves as a more durable and aesthetic alternative to traditional plexiglass barriers.  These barriers limit exposure to respiratory droplets and can be custom-made for points-of-purchase, restaurants, check-in stations, office spaces, reception desks, and other retail establishments.

“Businesses of all kinds are looking for effective, economical, and operationally manageable ways to keep their customers and staff safe while maintaining the person-to-person interaction that can be so critical to business,” said Luis Diego Rodriguez, VP of Sales & Marketing. “By leveraging our economies of scale and our manufacturing and distribution capabilities across the country, Cardinal SHIELD is able to offer this solution in a rapidly changing market.”  

HMI Cardinal is the largest fabricator of custom glass shower enclosures in the U.S., with a legacy that dates back to 1948. An expert in producing glass barriers, the company has pivoted its business model to fill this new need created by the COVID-19 crisis.

All Cardinal SHIELD panels are coated with Cardinal C-10 Surface Protectant for an easy to clean, non-stick surface that repels grime, mineral build-up, and soap residue. The panels are also shatterproof and resistant to scratching.

Cardinal SHIELD barriers can be made-to-order in custom sizes and shapes. Specialty cutouts and custom configurations are available, and panels can be anchored horizontally or vertically as a space requires. The glass barriers also come complete with touch corners for peace of mind. Mounting hardware for Cardinal SHIELD panels are offered in an array of metal finishes and those looking for branding opportunities can add Cardinal’s Satori digital in-glass printing to create custom logos, text, or graphic design elements to the glass.

Already being implemented in retail, office, hospitality, and healthcare spaces across the USA, Cardinal SHIELD provides an added comfort to daily in-person interactions between consumers, co-workers, clients, patients, and guests.

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