MachIQ Software is announcing the launch of Seva, its new cloud-based suite of digital field-service software to help machinery companies restart their service activities during the ongoing pandemic, enabling them to and deliver their SLA commitments despite work from home settings, work-hour reductions, social distancing and travel restrictions. MachIQ Software's Seva suite is one of the first designed specifically for machinery companies who are switching to digital channels to deliver their after-sales services and are looking for tools to monetize these services.

MachIQ Software claims that Seva is the first “full-stack” digital services software suite for the machinery industry. Built on a common data platform that integrates with ERP, CRM and PIM systems, the Seva suite includes apps for asset information management, asset relationship management, eCommerce, remote video-based diagnostics, trouble-shooting and mentoring; as well as the remote monitoring of machines via IIoT. The app is also connected to the MachIQ platform that already hosts over 150,000 machines, 200,000 spare parts and terabytes of machine drawings, wiring diagrams, training and maintenance manuals, etc. from customers, as well as close to 300 suppliers of process industry equipment.

“Machinery companies are facing a whole set of new considerations as they have reopened in the past weeks with no playbook to follow. Business leaders intending to take rapid but sustainable steps towards digital transformation need tools that are easy to use with minimal training, simple to integrate within existing processes and rapid to scale and deploy. MachIQ Software’s Seva is exactly that tool. We focus on delivering only the capabilities that will differentiate the service delivery experience of machinery companies. Nothing more, nothing less.” said Roy Chikballapur, CEO of MachIQ Software.

MachIQ Software has been particularly active during the pandemic, offering its cloud-based plant maintenance and asset performance software MachIQ APM free of charge to companies in the Food & Beverages sector. However, there are no similar plans to offer MachIQ Seva as part of its philanthropic efforts. Speaking about this, Chikballapur added, “In the pre-Covid-19 era, the slogan in the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) circles went something like ‘Go digital or go home’ - which I felt was overdoing it a bit. In the post-Covid-19 era, I believe the slogan will become ‘Go digital and stay home’ which is no longer a luxury, but would be a necessity.”

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