Naples-style pizza, the icon of Italian gastronomy, is now available on American store shelves, thanks to Veroni. The historic Italian salumi producer has been importing 100% Italian-made charcuterie to the United States since 2016, has officially introduced a new way to enhance Aperitivo time with its new pizza kit. The 100% margherita pizza is pre-cut into easy to eat squares with the choice to add a selection of Veroni’s cold cuts as topping. The new pizza is ready in 10 minutes and makes for the perfect addition to any aperitivo hour.

The Naples-style pizza join’s Veroni’s Enjoy AperiTime product line, first presented at the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Franciscio, further expanding the brand’s range of products designed for the American market. The Italian ritual known worldwide as Aperitivo, now lending its traditional meaning to Veroni’s brand line name, aims to bring a touch of the authentic Italian lifestyle to the US and allow consumers to experience the “Dolce Vita” style with every savory bite.

Veroni’s pizza line includes four variants of toppings: dry cured ham, Salame Milano, Salame Calabrese. and Roasted Pancetta.

“Adding charcuterie to pizza is considered almost an art in Italy, and for our pizza we thought of four different options to satisfy both spice lovers and those who prefer more delicate flavor profiles,” explains plant manager Stefano Poldi.

The preparation of this pizza is both simple and fast: just 10 minutes in the oven at 400°F until the mozzarella is melted. Charcuterie included in the pizza kit can added before, during, or after the cooking process when the pizza is ready to serve, depending on your preference.

Veroni’s Pizza is now available at Stop & Shop stores and is expected to reach Giants’ shelves in mid-June.

Source: Veroni