Admix, Inc., global manufacturer of hygienic and industrial mixing equipment serving the food and beverage, chemical/industrial, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical markets, today announced that its DynaShear inline mixers have been certified by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) for meeting strict guidelines for hygienic design and cleanability.

EHEDG sets the standards for hygiene in the food processing industry and the Type EL – Class 1 certification is a testament that Admix DynaShear models, specifically the DS-425E and DS-575E, meet the highest standards for hygienic equipment design. Knud Erik Juhl Jensen, Admix Europe ApS General Manager comments, “Optimal hygiene conditions are one of the biggest challenges that processors face in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and we are excited to offer a solution that meets increased customer demands for superior hygienic design and ease of cleaning.”

In addition to the EHEDG certification, the Admix DynaShear product line also meets 3-A Sanitary Standards for design and fabrication. Constructed of stainless steel with unique dual stage axial and radial rotors and stators, the DynaShear in-line continuous mixer combines high shear, high flow, and high efficiency. DynaShear EHEDG models have the same exceptional capacity and performance, but with design modifications to the rotor and seal technology that make it EHEDG compliant.

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