Multi-Conveyor recently built three mild-steel constructed conveyors that passive off transfer from narrow to wide side leading (and back) to facilitate multiple side case printing. The cases start narrow side leading then transfer 90 degrees to wide side leading without using pneumatic pushers or elaborate devices.

Precise conveyor placement and ARB roller belt technology transfer the now wide side leading cases onto a straight running flat top plastic belted conveyor where the customer can integrate their label printer(s).

A second passive transfer then transfers the cases back to narrow side leading to position them for transfer onto the customer’s existing check-weigher.

The 90° "passive" transfer technology is based on proprietary integrated roller belting and bead rails to achieve the movement.  Multi-Conveyor uses a variety of belt technology to ensure accurate product orientation.

True passive transfers do not require pneumatics or controls – which means easy operation without pinch points, minimizing safety issues for the Operator. 

See even more product orienting videos - from simple to elaborate configurations – in our extensive product video gallery.

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