The year 2020 has been like a bad disaster movie in many ways, but there has been at least one unexpected benefit. If all the consumer trends were pointing toward small processors in 2019, there is no longer any question about it: independent processors are in demand.

Every phone call or email I sent in 2020 to a smaller plant I knew resulted in a similar story: unparalleled business and an overwhelming amount of new customers. Even if the massive demand in the early part of the pandemic-induced shutdown didn’t last, you have, hopefully, seen some sustained growth. Over the last six months, people have tried your products for the first time, fallen in love with them and have become customers.

The challenge in 2021 will be to see how you capitalize on this growth. If you’ve thought about a building expansion, a product line or a new piece of equipment, this might be the time to spend the resources to make it a reality. I know it may seem crazy to make big plans the midst of so much uncertainty. If not now, then when? There is never a perfect time for a capital expenditure, but this might be a good time to strike while the iron is hot.

Independent Processor is hosting a free webinar on October 15 called “Small Processor Opportunities in the Pandemic Era,” in case you need some inspiration. We have some great speakers lined up to explain how meat markets and other companies can make the best out of the current situation. Even if you’re reading this past October 15, the webinar will be saved on our website for a year, so you can view it at your leisure.

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