D’Artagnan, trusted supplier to America’s best restaurant chefs, is launching a new line of artisanal deli meats that take the deli counter to new heights.

In response to this, D’Artagnan is presenting its line of quality deli meats in several delicious and affordable selections:

Wagyu Roast Beef
D'Artagnan's Wagyu Roast Beef comes from authentic Japanese stock, and is free from antibiotics or hormones. Wagyu cattle are raised with a traditional diet and longer growth period, encouraging natural marbling that results in exquisite flavor and tenderness.

Smoked Berkshire Ham
This ham is versatile and perfect for a buffet or carving station. The exceptionally tender deli meat is uncured, smoked over applewood, and made with simple ingredients: pork, water, sea salt, and raw cane sugar.

Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast
This natural turkey breast offers quality you can taste and is a must-have for any sandwich menu. The meat is tender, juicy, and smoked over real hickory with no artificial flavors.

Berkshire Bistro Ham
Bistro Ham is a French classic that is rich and delightfully sweet, used in sandwiches like jambon beurre and croque monsieur. The ham also has the skin left on and is uncured and unsmoked.

Truffle Turkey Breast
This unique deli meat takes sandwich meat offerings to the next level with its distinct flavor and alluring aroma. It is produced in small batches using real black truffle slices, whole muscles of natural turkey breast, as well as simple, all-natural flavorings.

D’Artagnan’s Artisanal Deli Meats are all-natural and contain no preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, artificial colors, or preservatives. They also come in small case sizes to ensure top-notch quality and freshness.

Aside from its line of deli meats, D’Artagnan also offers charcuterie, Spanish hams, and a full complement of prepared items such as truffle butter and pates to complete the deli experience.

As the country's top gourmet food purveyor, D'Artagnan's revolutionary products can be found in reputable restaurants around America.

“D'Artagnan's products are approved by four-star restaurant chefs, featured in the country's finest restaurants, and made with the best meats from premium breeds,” shares Andy Wertheim, President of D’Artagnan. “This seal of quality assures customers of a fine dining experience in their homes.”

Most notably, D'Artagnan artisanal deli meats bear the brand's legacy of exceptional quality, carried on by its founder, Ariane Daguin.

D'Artagnan is seeking to partner with grocers across the country to meet the demand for quality deli meats and responsibly sourced food products. The company’s sales team, comprised of chefs, is ready to assist buyers and customers to find the best ingredients and meats for their needs. To learn more about D’Artagnan’s deli program contact D'Artagnan Vice President of Retail Sales Terence Martin at terencem@dartagnan.com

Source: D’Artagnan