Pork producers across Canada welcome the announcement of the establishment of the Canadian Pork Promotion and Research Agency (PRA) by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Marie-Claude Bibeau.

“The PRA will be an important vehicle for producers –it will help facilitate even greater collaboration across the value chain through increased research and promotion activities. In the long run, it will result in improving the long-term growth and competitiveness of the sector, said Rick Bergmann, Canadian Pork Council Chair. “I would like to thank Minister Bibeau for championing this initiative and moving forward with the establishment of the agency.”

The discussion to establish the agency was initiated by former Canadian Pork Council Chair, Jurgen Preugchas, with a small group of producers. The effort was picked up and actioned by his successor Jean-Guy Vincent and carried to this point by current Chair, Rick Bergmann.

“Producers and provincial organizations from across the country that have been engaged in the creation of the agency are pleased that the vision is finally being realized today”, stated CPC’s Vice Chair Rene Roy.

Individually, through their various provincial groups, Canadian pork producers already fund an extensive series of market promotion, extension services and research activities. Investments in these activities have been critical in enhancing the competitive position of the sector and in raising consumer awareness of the advantages of the nutrient value of pork.

The pork industry believes that the producer-funded PRA, which also receives funds through the collection of a levy on the imports of live pigs and pork meat, is one mechanism that can further strengthen the industry. It is estimated that the fully functioning agency will provide an additional $2 million for research and promotion.

Source: Canadian Pork Producers