The entire food chain—from producers to processors and beyond—has a new source of timely and relevant insights through Food Chain Chats. This new podcast, brought to the industry by Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, focuses on people who make a difference in the food chain from farm to fork. Each episode of Food Chain Chats will provide unique perspectives, trends and actionable information from ARM & HAMMER experts and industry leaders. 

“Food Chain Chats brings thought-provoking conversations connecting the full food chain,” says Ben Towns, director, global business, at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. “We invite industry leaders to have conversations with us around the many issues impacting those engaged with producing a safe and wholesome food supply—from livestock and poultry producers to nutritionists, veterinarians and food safety professionals.”

The inaugural episodes of Food Chain Chats are:

  • That Was Then. This is Transformational Change. In a lively and engaging episode, Dr. Scott Druker, general manager of Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production, reveals how science and innovation led to transformational changes in how the company serves its customers from farmers to processors. Learn how internal brainstorming uncovered unmet industry needs and opportunities that set the company on a path toward significant expansion and a global presence.
  • Poultry Predictions for 2021. Shannon Burasco, senior manager of U.S. monogastric sales, shares insights about what lies ahead for the poultry industry—from production environments to consumer preferences to inventories and more. Learn what the New Year has in store, straight from an individual with more than three decades of experience in the poultry industry. 

Upcoming Food Chain Chats episodes will feature experts discussing new food safety standards, meeting consumer demands for antibiotic-free production, and how the microbiome affects animal and bird performance.

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