Corfini Gourmet is excited to announce a merger with Portland-based distributor SP Provisions.

“Through this relationship, we add a committed partner to our independent, regional food supply chain. Corfini Gourmet’s vision of a professional, high-quality processing and distribution company is a perfect match for SP Provisions’ commitment to quality products and customer service. We look forward to growing together and expanding our local platform of brands,” says Jobie Bailey, director of Portland sales for Corfini Gourmet.

Corfini Gourmet prides itself on being an unrivaled leader and educator, sourcing “nose-to-tail” quality proteins for a wide range of customers from its warehouses in Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, and Portland, OR. The company’s customers, which include restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, grocers, and foodservice providers, consider Corfini Gourmet to be a leading distributor for clean proteins. A unique dry-aging facility and an unparalleled level of service delivered by its highly knowledgeable, chef-driven team consistently exceed the expectations of its customers.

Established in 1880, SP Provisions started with a vision from founder John Kunz to serve the needs of the Southern Pacific Railroad, on the ideals of quality, service, and integrity. For over 140 years, SP Provisions has been connecting local farmers to local communities, delivering quality products at affordable prices. Over the past couple decades, Charlie and Lin, fourth generation owners, have grown SP Provisions to undoubtedly be the best meat processor in the Portland market.

“We are proud and excited to join forces with Corfini Gourmet. Together, we will add so much value to our combined list of chef-driven restaurants in the Portland market,” says Jim Register, the General Manager at SP Provisions.

The Corfini Gourmet’s ecosystem supports like-minded suppliers, butchers, chefs, and eaters who value integrity, tradition, health, and innovation. After processing and distributing premium brands for more than a decade, Corfini Gourmet is eager to join forces with SP Provisions, a partner who will offer customers access to the nutritious protein that the Corfini Gourmet family believe has the power to change our world.

Source: Corfini Gourmet