The executives of Groupe Robitaille and Olymel L.P. have announced the signing of an agreement in principle to enter into a business partnership in Aliments Lucyporc of Yamachiche, in the St. Maurice Valley region of Quebec. Aliments Lucyporc, a hog slaughtering, butchering and processing firm owned by Groupe Robitaille, would be equally owned by Groupe Robitaille and Olymel through an exchange of shares. The joint venture would continue to operate under the name Aliments Lucyporc. This agreement in principle encompasses the hog slaughtering, butchering, processing and pork products marketing sectors, as well as Viandes Dunham, a meat processing company serving the hotel, restaurant and institutional (HRI) sector which is owned by Groupe Robitaille. This partnership agreement will be subject to approval by the Competition Bureau.

Apart the farms belonging to Groupe Robitaille which would continue to supply the Aliments Lucyporc plant according to the demanding specifications for the production of distinctive niche products, this agreement does not affect other activities in which Olymel and Groupe Robitaille are involved. Aliments Lucyporc employs over 350 persons at its Yamachiche processing plant, while Viandes Dunham has more than 30 employees. These jobs will be maintained. Aliments Lucyporc specializes in quality niche products such as Nagano pork, and exports much of its production to Japan and several other countries under different brands.

"Groupe Robitaille looks forward to this strategic partnership with a solid firm such as Olymel, which has extensive market experience and numerous, diverse capacities in the field of food processing, and anticipates its future with great confidence. I encourage everyone who works at Aliments Lucyporc and Viandes Dunham to share in this confidence. I firmly believe that the companies founded by our family, which we would like to see grow, will advance further on the path of excellence with Olymel. The synergies that will result from this alliance in terms of developing new markets, technical expertise and added value are part of a long-term vision that will enable us to better respond to the challenges of the markets," noted Groupe Robitaillle President Claude Robitaille.

Within this partnership, the Lucyporc plant at Yamachiche will continue to operate under the current management, and the joint venture will continue to honour its commitments to its customers. This alliance will enable Olymel and Aliments Lucyporc to pool their strengths and resources to develop new markets, as well as strengthen both partners' positions on niche markets.

"Olymel is proud to partner with a company like Groupe Robitaille in Aliments Lucyporc which for 15 years, has occupied a prominent position on several markets as a dynamic, innovative firm that excels at serving demanding customers, in both Canada and many other countries. In the field of processing, Olymel and Aliments Lucyporc can now benefit from the synergies that will result from this partnership, their respective expertise and shared experiences, here and elsewhere in the world. The Robitaille family and its management have been able to develop niche markets with a view to achieving excellence and offering products with unique characteristics, and have shown great mastery in managing and developing a company that is truly a standout in the Quebec and Canadian pork sectors,"  added Olymel L.P. President and CEO Réjean Nadeau.

Source: Olymel L.P.