Gemstone Foods, LLC, a growing protein supplier, is delighted to announce that Teresa Fuentes is the winner of the 2020 Future Hispanic Leaders Scholarship. Teresa is currently a Northeastern Illinois senior majoring in Bilingual/Bicultural Elementary Education. She and her family came to the United States from Mexico City when she was 5 years old. Teresa credits her parents for her ability to master the English language quickly by emphasizing the importance of reading.

Teresa’s high school experience heavily influenced her decision to pursue a career in education. Upon graduation from high school, Teresa noticed that very few of her fellow Hispanic classmates had plans to seek higher education. At first she wondered why, but upon reflection, she attributed this fact to a US educational system that often fails to take cultural diversity and language barriers into consideration when it comes to providing adequate tools needed to thrive at the collegiate level.

Teresa chose elementary education because she believes she can help Hispanic students form a solid foundation early on by creating a classroom that is inclusive and supportive leading to a positive experience that carries forward and builds confidence for college preparation.

“Teresa represents everything the Future Hispanic Leaders Scholarship is about,” said Jeff L. Power, president of Gemstone Foods, LLC. “Her desire to change the way Hispanics are integrated into the US, giving people like her high school colleagues the opportunity to succeed and ultimately lead is more than admirable. We at Gemstone are proud to contribute to the success of such an impressive young woman, who has a bright future as a leader in the Hispanic community and beyond.”

The $2,500 Future Hispanic Leaders Scholarship helps students of Hispanic descent become business leaders of the future. For more information on the scholarship, please visit the Gemstone Foods website at

Source: Gemstone Foods