Warren Controls, a leading manufacturer of dependable and rugged precision control valves and accessories, announces that it builds valves to meet American Iron & Steel Act (AISA) requirements so that customers can adhere to “Buy American” regulations across a range of applications, including commercial buildings, district and campus energy, food and beverage, agriculture, chemical industry, OEM, marine, and biofuel applications.

Warren Controls sources all steel and bronze body control valve castings from U.S.-based foundries within an 800-mile radius of the company’s manufacturing plant. What’s more, all other metal parts in Warren Controls valve technologies are made of US-based steel. Many Warren cast iron valves are either from US foundries or can selectively be sourced from US Foundries. Warren Controls also has its own machining centers.

Thanks to these U.S. sourcing and production commitments, Warren Controls can build most of its products adhering to AISA requirements. Unlike many valve companies that have manufacturing operations that are based overseas or source components from non-U.S. sources, Warren Controls is ready to meet customer needs for AISA compliance.

For more information about Warren Controls’ industry-leading valve technology adhering to the American Iron & Steel Act regulations, visit http://www.warrencontrols.com/