The 745H Food Forming System from Nutec Manufacturing has been designed to deliver reliable productivity in a small package. Featuring accurate weight control and quick tooling changes, the 745H can be easily moved from one area of the plant to another to maximize flexibility.

The unique design of the 745H Food Forming System features a rotary vane pump that gently moves product into the fill area without overworking or back flow. Processors can form a wide variety of different raw material (beef, poultry, vegetables and mixes) at production rates of up to 3,600 pounds per hour (1,633 kg/hr). Mold plate changes can be performed in less than 5 minutes, minimizing downtime and maximizing production flexibility.

The intelligent design of Nutec’s 745H Food Forming System allows for complete disassembly for wash-down and sanitation in minutes. The portable design facilitates easy movement to the wash-down area of the plant without disrupting other production.

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