Elanco Animal Health Incorporated is expanding its portfolio of anticoccidials with the launch of three antibiotic alternative intestinal integrity products, ZoaShield and Clinacox, and the non-medicated feed ingredient Cosabody. These products represent three of the five new Farm Animal product launches expected in 2021.

Coccidiosis is one of the top concerns of poultry producers. This portfolio expansion allows Elanco to better serve Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA) customers and provides a broader suite of solutions to both conventional poultry producers and turkey producers looking for coccidiosis control. Expected introduction of the products is spring 2021.

“At Elanco, we are dedicated to helping customers face their ever-changing poultry health challenges,” said Jose Simas, EVP of U.S. Farm Animal Business at Elanco. “This portfolio expansion is evidence of our further commitment to meeting the unmet needs of producers with antibiotic alternatives, while protecting the health of animals and embracing what consumers want.”

When producers use ZoaShield, Clinacox, Cosabody, or any of the Elanco intestinal integrity products, they receive consultative support from Elanco field experts who have extensive industry experience and knowledge, allowing them to tailor solutions to all types of poultry operations.
“Our team of experts are dedicated to improving the health of our customers’ birds and their operations,” said Andrew Carlson, Executive Director of U.S. Poultry and Nutritional Health at Elanco. “The addition of ZoaShield, Clinacox, and Cosabody provides producers a broader range of poultry health solutions with a focus on prevention.”

Elanco has been the leader in intestinal integrity for many years, and we are committed to continuing to advance new solutions that provide poultry producers with the highest quality products to help deliver the best in animal care.

To find out more about ZoaShield, Clinacox, and Cosabody, visit Elanco online.