MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has developed the DP 245, a new, highly innovative direct web printer for the X-line series of traysealers. The standout feature: Although the high-performance model operates at a fixed working height, it automatically adjusts to possible differences in the height of finished packs.

"With this new process and IP65 protection, we are taking direct web printing to a new level," said Michael Reffke, product manager for marking technology at MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection. Even trays with different product protrusions are marked safely, reliably and precisely thanks to the new, sophisticated technology. The printing position on the pack can be easily and conveniently adjusted using handwheels so that batch changes require only minimal downtime. 

The variable data, such as the best-before date or a batch number, is printed with the MULTIVAC TIJ 10 using the thermal inkjet process. Printing heights of up to 12.7 mm can be achieved with one printing head, and even printing heights of up to 25.4 mm can be achieved by using a second printing head. As the printer is fully integrated into the operating terminal of the traysealer, MULTIVAC customers benefit from significant advantages in terms of efficient and safe operation. To give just one example, the print layouts are stored in the recipe of the traysealer to ensure that the correct layout is always loaded. 

Low-maintenance thermal inkjet technology

However, the new development is not only impressive in terms of efficiency, reliability and precision, but also in terms of cost-effectiveness and print quality. "We deliberately opted for the thermal inkjet process in order to offer our customers real added value in the long term," Reffke confirmed. This printing technology involves heating water in the ink. This causes tiny bubbles to form explosively, forcing the ink droplet out of the nozzle. Print resolutions of up to 600 dpi can be achieved, so that even the smallest characters, fonts or codes can be reproduced exactly.

Unlike continuous inkjet printers, thermal inkjet printers also use print cartridges with integrated printing heads. The advantage: These are very easy and quick to change and also very low-maintenance. 

The new DP 245 is also available in an optional washdown version with IP65 protection, which allows wet cleaning of the traysealer including the direct web printer.

Source: MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection