The family owners of Edgewood Locker of Edgewood, Iowa, broke ground on a new construction project. The 19,000-square-foot facility, an $8.6 million project, will take about a year to complete. According to KCRG News, the company hopes to add 20 full-time jobs when the project is complete.

“Today is just really exciting for us,” said Luke Kerns, Edgewood Locker co-owner. He said that the company has been busy ever since the COVID pandemic, and it is booked out on beef processing through 2022.

“We desperately need that room to do what we are already doing, give our people more space to just work and operate more efficiently,” Kerns added. He also said that the expansion can help the company grow its wholesale business and potentially grow its retail space and cooler space, too.

For more information and a video of the groundbreaking, visit KCRG News.

Source: KCRG