We R Food Safety!, provider of food safety software backed by real-time, expert consultation, has announced a new partnership with Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan., in which the KSU Meat Lab will become the first university-operated processing facility to feature Food Safe Pro! software.

“We wanted the ability to track the records in order to reduce the use of paper and loss of paper copies,” said John Wolf, Operation Manager of the KSU Meat Lab. “In addition, we can train and teach students how to keep and monitor electronic records, as well as reduce the amount of time spent daily following behind students to make sure they have done all required reports and completed them correctly.”

KSU Meat Lab staff approached We R Food Safety! (WRFS), and the needs matched the primary strengths of the proprietary Food Safe Pro! software.

“With Food Safe Pro!, the KSU Meat Lab can produce better products more efficiently, all the while helping students learn food safety, record keeping and data management through electronic means,” said Andrew Lorenz, president of WRFS. There was little hesitation by the company to help such a well-renowned institution as Kansas State train the next generation of meat science students; WRFS even offered Food Safe Pro! to the meat lab with most fees waived.

“We are happy to partner with the KSU Meat Lab in order to help it better educate its students and make the lab’s food safety processes easier,” Lorenz added. “We hope that Kansas State is only the first of many universities to use Food Safe Pro!”

Food Safe Pro! is a fully customizable software solution that can be scaled to meet the needs of any size or type of food-processing plant or retail location. What makes Food Safe Pro! more than just record-keeping software, however, is the backing of expert insight and counsel. Food Safe Pro! offers an affordable, long-term solution that saves paper and time, and helps resolve any food-safety issues that may arise. The company’s expert consultants have more than 100 years combined regulatory experience and are poised to take on any challenges you may face.

“I would like thank We R Food Safety! for the opportunity to use Food Safe Pro! in a teaching environment, as we are training students for the future processing environment,” Wolf added.

For more information visit www.werfoodsafety.com.