Designed to maintain excellent flavor and aroma under the most challenging processing conditions, the new, all-natural FlavorFresh SR is economical too. Its cost-in-use is a fraction of standard spray-dried flavors. Due to a proprietary manufacturing process, FlavorFresh SR maintains up to 10 times more stabilized flavor components than traditionally processed flavors. FlavorFresh SR technology preserves intended flavor attributes through the rigid intensity of food and beverage manufacturing processes, delivering superior flavor and performance. FlavorFresh SR is also easy to use. It’s a free-flowing, water-soluble, encapsulated powder that disperses evenly while preventing flavor and aroma “hot spots” in finished applications.

“Taste is the most important factor for consumers when selecting food, beverage, and nutritional items,” says Wixon Senior Vice President, Ron Ratz. “People expect to enjoy the same flavor experience from a product each and every time they consume it. FlavorFresh SR™ was developed to ensure consumer expectations for consistent flavor and aroma delivery in products. Providing stable flavor and aroma is vital for consumer acceptance and loyalty and for fostering product and brand integrity.”  

Comfort flavors
Currently available in both vanilla and maple varieties, FlavorFresh SR is a concentrated sustained-release flavor alternative that is more cost-effective than traditional spray-dried formats. “Consumers are drawn to nostalgic, comforting flavor profiles, such as vanilla and maple,” says Ratz. “These are versatile flavors that fit into both savory and sweet applications. We’re especially excited about working with them in plant-based products where alternative proteins often present flavor challenges. In these hard-to-flavor plant bases, our FlavorFresh SR technology excels. This new flavor technology complements our current technology portfolio where we can offer total taste solutions customized to fit customers’ unique products.”

More information and samples of the FlavorFresh SR flavor system and other Wixon flavor technologies can be obtained at FlavorFresh SR.