The new patent-pending FlexiBulk is truly revolutionary because it HPPs both individually packaged products and food and beverage bulk products simultaneously, allows for filling HPP’d product in multiple container options (including cans and reusable bags, bottles and cartons), and it is the fastest and most efficient bulk HPP machine in the world with fill speeds up to 55 gallons a minute.

Dr. Ryan Pereira, JBT-Avure, President stated, “The FlexiBulk is a game-changer for the food processing industry, hands down. Not only does the FlexiBulk process both in-package and bulk food and beverage products simultaneously, but it’s also the fastest and the most efficient bulk HPP machine in the world.”

Here is why: with the FlexiBulk, filling and unfilling is done outside the HPP press, which means that the FlexiBulk can fill bags, in baskets, while other bags are being pressed and unfilled. These steps can all be done simultaneously, resulting in higher throughputs. With a traditional HPP machine, all these steps need to be done in series, which means that you cannot fill or unfill the bladder while the product is being pressurized.

Lisa Wessels, JBT-Avure, Marketing Director said, “During the pandemic, we’ve seen increased interest in HPP from both consumers and food companies. Now, consumers have an increased emphasis on health and are demanding, more than ever, clean-label, natural, healthy, fresh foods and beverages. For food and beverage manufacturers, simply put, HPP extends the shelf lives of natural products. An extended shelf life not only helps with the fast-growing direct-to-consumer market and stressed supply chain capacity, but also allows food and beverage companies to grow market share due to longer shelf-life.”

Pereira concluded, “Our new patent-pending FlexiBulk achieves three strong wins: capacity, sustainability and flexibility. Our increased capacity is due to improved packing density, 90% for liquid bulk fills, resulting in better throughput. We are making HPP more sustainable with the FlexiBulk’s capacity for multiple eco-friendly container options, such as cans and glass, not normally available to HPP. This reduces plastic waste in the environment, and the HPP reusable bags can be recycled. The FlexiBulk delivers the maximum in HPP flexibility—the ability to run bulk and in-package products in the same cycle. This has never been done before. Ultimately, the FlexiBulk’s capacity, sustainability and flexibility add up a big win for food and beverage companies, processors, HPP tollers, and consumers.”

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