With labor shortages and supply chain stress abundant, manufacturers are in desperate need of software that makes work more reliable and safer. Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) company Llumin counteracts common problems seen in food and beverage manufacturing.

Minimizing downtime is crucial in the food and beverage industry—less downtime means less potential for spoilage, helping manufacturers run at optimum efficiency. LLumin’s IoT-enabled solution provides proactive maintenance, which is a combination of preventative and predictive maintenance. Proactive maintenance supports time, usage, and condition-based maintenance approaches, all of which can be deployed simultaneously with LLumin.

LLumin, trusted CMMS partner for prominent food and beverage manufacturers like Sunny Delight Beverages, American Beverage Corporation and Miller Milling, and a provider for global brands like Rockwell Automation and Caterpillar, is committed to providing solutions that curb downtime and enhance safety in plants. LLumin CEO Ed Garibian will be giving two speeches at this year’s Pack Expo in Las Vegas. LLumin will also display its solution and capabilities at Booth SL-6011.

With the evolution of the Internet of Things and automated processes, manufacturing facilities have become increasingly technical in nature. But that doesn’t mean the software enabling advancements should be more complex. LLumin believes just the opposite.

“Our product offers ease of use while still maintaining a level of complexity that is desired,” said CEO Ed Garibian. "Unplanned downtime can be a hindrance to food safety and quality and compliance at a higher level. Our CMMS helps to combat that with a solution that is easy for shop floor workers and for plant managers to operate. It’s the best of both worlds: the software has a high level of sophistication yet a low barrier to entry for usage.”

Machine repairs on equipment impact the performance of operations and production as well as the quality of food and beverage processing. The ability to log any event or transaction that happens, and store associated documents is built into LLumin’s CMMS. It uses real-time data and predictive technology to automate the maintenance process, using a powerful rules-based approach that accommodates any organization or industry.

Garibian will be giving two speeches at the convention: the first on analytics-based asset performance management and the second on how OEMs can use machine data to add more services to their offerings. With over 30 years of experience, Garibian is a passionate leader who’s built companies that deliver on core values of positive persistence, anticipating what’s next, owning the outcome and delivering value in all you do. 

For more information visit www.LLumin.com