JBT has announced its debut in Helsingborg, Sweden of the New 800 SE waterjet portioning system, delivering superior mist capture and 40 percent lower energy consumption. This new variant of the industry-leading DSI 800 S series waterjet portioning system is designed for the needs of European and Middle East region protein processors.

The system’s new and proprietary design removes the mist created by the waterjets to achieve challenging shelf-life performance targets for retail and food service products. JBT has added new labor-saving applications such as trimming of thigh meat for retail sale and continued to perfect applications such as weight + dimension-controlled products for QSR’s. JBT’s ability to improve yields by combining burgers, strips and nuggets with the shape that QSR’s are looking for, all in a single pass system, is only available in a DSI Waterjet Portioner. This is not limited to poultry applications but includes red meat, pork, and plant-based applications as well.

Lower energy consumption is achieved with a bespoke and exclusive servo pump design that has been ruggedized and sized for the DSI System to meet the needs of meat processing facilities. The servo drive system replaces hydraulics and reduces utility requirements which makes automaton easier to implement as smaller facilities with lower-amp service availability move to automate their portioning processes. Customers new to automated systems with small maintenance teams having minimum automated systems experience have proven the servo pump system is easy to operate and maintain. The DSI 800 SE is available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 cutters and can be expanded in capacity over a weekend. The highly versatile 8-cuYer DSI System, called the 888 SE, achieves the highest throughput per square meter of floor space available in the industry for typical handheld and retail fillet sizes at the lowest sound pressure levels. The new servo pump is available in 4000 and 6000 bar maximum pressure configurations with single, dual or triple heads to match the number and size of cutters.

“Our first European installation of this new servo pump this summer has been a major success! The customer is already in discussions to order an additional system,” states Roger Bosson, DSI EMEA business unit manager who leads the Commercial and Customer Care teams for DSI in Europe from the JBT Food Technology Center in Helsingborg, Sweden, where a 4-cuYer DSI 844 SE is being demonstrated for customers.

“DSI has served portioning customers in Europe and the Middle East for over 25 years,” Roger added. “Visits to those customers are aligned with JBT strategy which leads to continuous innovation and advancement of the DSI product portfolio that includes waterjet portioning and trimming, fixed-positon high-capacity horizontal slicing, adaptive slicing for maximum yield, blade portioning, inspection systems up to 1000 mm wide and sorting, and the new, integrated automated portion harvesting system that further reduces labor in the portioning process and can improve yield.”

The DSI Customer Care system is backed by the JBT warehouse in Helsingborg with on-line portioner and pump diagnostic support available as well as a growing team in regional service professionals and applications experts 24/7. JBT is investing in the expansion of this support network to keep up with the growing installation base and sales demand. The JBT iOPS System is available with DSI Systems to provide product and machine health data analytics, predictive maintenance and support of Industry 4.0 advancements. Customers have the option to receive monthly DSI software updates at no charge to benefit from the ever-expanding applications library of DSI Q-LINK Portioning Software.

Contact Roger Bosson now by email: roger.bosson@jbtc.com or phone: +46 70 490 4159, to schedule a product demonstration to begin yield, throughput, and product quality testing.

Courtesy of: JBT