Gorton’s Seafood recently unveiled new product packaging for its Smart Solutions and Everyday Gourmet lines. Additionally, all Gorton’s items will now showcase a refreshed brand logo.

In recent years, the brand has led the growth of the frozen prepared seafood category by increasing sales, share, and household penetration. With a large breadth of versatile products that meet various consumer needs and a mission of bringing the goodness of the sea to everyone, Gorton’s has continued to focus on understanding seafood consumers and providing high-quality products.

Over the past year, Gorton's has surveyed thousands of consumers to understand who was buying in the category before the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as to gain insights on who began to buy during the pandemic. Specifically, the brand was curious to learn how consumer habits and expectations have shifted, how consumers shop (in-store and online), how younger generations’ shopping habits differ from those of older generations, and how prepared seafood fits into their lives. During that process, Gorton’s also wanted to understand how they could better guide shoppers to the right product for them, which led to packaging and logo adjustments.

“After learning more from our consumers about new eating and shopping habits, especially during the pandemic, we knew we needed to make some integral packaging and logo adjustments that better align with all of our current product pillars,” said Chris Hussey, Gorton’s vice president of marketing. “With a wide range of products, we needed to find a way to tie them all together while making sure that consumers still have an easy time shopping and finding what they are looking for. For example, consumers will start seeing a more consistent block of yellow packaging while shopping in our section.”

The new designs build excitement around the three pillars that Gorton’s products are grouped under: Delicious Classics, Smart Solutions, and Everyday Gourmet. The key aspect of the design change is the use of the iconic Gorton’s yellow on all packaging. 

The Gorton's yellow has been a signpost on key items, such as Delicious Classics products, and helps consumers identify the frozen prepared seafood section in the frozen aisle. Consumers will find that it will now be even easier to identify the Gorton’s brand and frozen prepared seafood section, as the brand has added more yellow across all of its product pillars. The use of more yellow makes each product’s name and benefits clearer and easier to read, so consumers can quickly find the products they are looking for. 

Finally, the Gorton’s logo has also been refreshed as an integral part of the packaging changes. The new logo incorporates waves behind the Gorton’s Fisherman to reflect the brand’s mission of bringing the goodness of the sea to everyone.

New packages can be found on the following products, and all Gorton’s items will feature the new logo:

  • Everyday Gourmet: Crab Cakes, Shrimp Scampi, Haddock Sticks, Cod Sticks, Tilapia Sticks, Flounder Fillets, Cod Fillets, Haddock Fillets, Simply Bake Salmon, Simply Bake Cod, Simply Bake Tilapia, Simply Bake Haddock, Simply Bake Shrimp
  • Smart Solutions: Lemon Pepper Grilled Fillets, Garlic Butter Grilled Fillets, Lemon Butter Grilled Fillets, Grilled Haddock Fillets, Grilled Salmon Fillets, Grilled Garlic Butter Tilapia Fillets, Signature Tilapia Fillets, Grilled Cod Fillets

Consumers across the nation will begin to see new packaging from Gorton’s rollout in January 2022, while the brand’s goal is to feature all new packaging in its partner retailers by the Lenten season of 2022.

Source: Gorton's Seafood