Global supplier of customized equipment, solutions, and software for the red meat industry, Frontmatec, will participate at IPPE 2022 with a range of new innovative solutions.

Held every year in Atlanta, IPPE is the largest annual trade fair in the world for processing technology and to the protein industry, including eggs, meat, and poultry as well as feed manufacturing. 

With locations in Europe, America and Asia, Frontmatec offers complete concepts and turnkey solutions for the international food industry and is especially well known for its high-quality systems for the entire value chain of the meat industry—from carcass grading, slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines, hygiene systems and control systems to logistics and packaging, all unique solutions that create considerable value for customers. 

Visitors to the Frontmatec booth will be presented with the latest equipment and solutions from the Frontmatec group. Especially focus will be novelty equipment, including a range of robots for both dressing line and cutting & deboning—not only for hogs but also for beef processing as well. Besides products and solutions, Frontmatec will also use IPPE to introduce Asuan, the newly acquired company in Uruguay, and how it plans to expand and serve the Latin American customer base as well as explore the Asuan product range. 


Let the robots do the work—also in beef 

The unrivaled broad program of robots covering dressing line, cutting, and deboning to packaging helps reduce labor, increase quality and yield. At IPPE, experts from AIRA and Frontmatec will offer advice on robotic solutions and where best to automate on your process line. Several new robotic solutions towards the beef industry will be showcased, including the AIRA Cattle Splitting Saw which is widely recognized as the most accurate high-capacity cattle splitting saw in the world. For beef primal cutting, Frontmatec will also introduce the Beef Loin Drop Robot while on the deboning side the Frontmatec Beef Chine Bone Saw—a world’s first will be highlighted. 


Even more robots to be introduced to the hog industry 

Frontmatec is expanding its already wide portfolio of robotic solutions for the hog industry. We will reveal some interesting new robots including the Robotic Head and Neck Writer, which ensure traceability after the head has been cut off. The latest state of the art solution is a high-speed Pork Single Rib Puller with automatic pulling of single ribs with robots, removing one of the most straining working tasks within the pork deboning industry. Using X-ray technology to detect the ribs’ position on each individual belly, the information is sent to a PLC. This automatic solution offers better ergonomics and working environment as well as labor savings and a high consistent capacity. 


Real strength lies in joining technologies

Though many of the Frontmatec solutions brings good value in their own right, the real benefits shine through when combining data acquisition, different equipment solutions, and applying different automation concepts and technologies. A great example of this is combing the AutoFom III—the most accurate and fastest fully automatic pig carcass grading system in the world to pre-select which carcasses with specific loin properties should be deboned. It passes that information to the Autoline back finner which separates the loin and neck muscle for the featherbone at a very high precision thus saving loin and neck meat from being wasted. The data acquired from the AutoFom III is also used to sort the carcasses by grades in the chill room so when called onto the cut floor, batches matching sales orders can be processed. With the Frontmatec Robotic Chine Bone Saw is each primal loin is individual analyzed for accurate cutting of the chine bone with minimum waste and a much easier primal piece for the operator to debone. 



Film wrapping of fresh meat products

Individual wrapping of meat in plastic film is done before freezing to prevent the products stick to each other and are easily separated. This is often a manual job, but the FWAL - Film wrapper is for fully automatic wrapping of individual cuts like pork loin/belly and beef cuts with a unique security system for optimal operator safety.



Keep the production line in optimal running condition

Investing in Frontmatec equipment is not just about nice features, it is also about providing key benefits such as high production performance, low downtime, and peace of mind.  At Frontmatec After Sales we work continuously to develop concepts and solutions so your production can run at its absolute best. At IPPE, you will meet our After Sales Team who will demonstrate the latest service offerings, including remote connection and how we can customize service solutions for any individual requirement. 


Asuan, new opportunities in packaging system and growth in Latin America

With the acquisition of a majority stake in Uruguayan manufacturer of meat processing and packaging systems, Asuan is looking forward to introducing Asuan at IPPE. Not only does Asuan already have a great reputation in the Latin American market, which it will seek to develop even further, Asuan also brings a very interesting product portfolio to the Frontmatec group, particular within beef deboning and packaging systems. 

Visitors looking to arrange an appointment to learn more on the Frontmatec and Asuan solutions or can book a meeting with an expert by visiting the Frontmatec website:

Source: Frontmatec