Foodmate is releasing the MAX 2.0 Breast Deboner. Foodmate MAX 2.0 Breast Deboner has been redesigned for higher performance along with safety and hygiene benefits, while retaining its flexibility in the final cuts of meat produced. All these enhancements have been made while maintaining the machine’s small footprint.

Foodmate’s MAX 2.0 processes 6,000 breasts per hour and produces butterfly fillets, half fillets, and tenders in/out. It features an integrated automatic skinner, wishbone remover, and keel bone harvester. 

“We evaluate our machines looking for ways to increase performance and make them easier for our customers to use,” Foodmate U.S. President Scott Hazenbroek said. “We’ve gone through the MAX 2.0 and made improvements to several areas that will make the overall experience better for our customers.”

The Max 2.0 is completely enclosed for improved safety. Enhanced features such as a standard conveyor over the machine’s full length, and drip trays over the conveyors add to the machine’s performance. The clean-in-place feature improves hygiene and reduces sanitation time.

MAX 2.0 allows the user to select different pre-set programs, such as half fillets or butterflies. This gives the user the ability to control production and save valuable set up time. It does not require manual adjustment, resulting in a flexible, automated and versatile production process.

Source: Foodmate