CMS Solutions & Logistics introduces the CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner, an all-new automated deboning concept engineered, designed, manufactured and supported in the US. 

A patent is pending on the CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner.

The CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner produces butterfly cuts, clipped tenders and whole wings. The minimal need for rework and the high yields are comparable to hand deboning.

The CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner can process birds from 3.5 to 12 pounds with a capacity of 50 birds per minute. The machine is capable of running front halves and footballs with or without necks and can process one wing birds. It utilizes a simple touchscreen PLC control system with an integrated automatic safety shut-off. 

Birds are manually loaded onto cones by two employees and an automatic positioner assists in aligning the birds correctly. The neck skin cutting module makes a precise cut. The CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner then makes the precision whole wing cut. After the scapula and wishbone are cut, the whole breasts butterfly and the tenders are harvested for maximum yield. 

With reduced labor cost, high yields for multiple cuts, and only a 22-foot long and 41-inch wide footprint, the CMS-ACE DB-5 Breast Deboner is an excellent option for all deboning operations.

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