WIPOTEC-OCS, a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision in-motion weighing, track and trace/anti-counterfeiting solutions and X-Ray scanning equipment, will debut a groundbreaking multi-function metal detection-checkweigher-vision module at International Production & Processing Expo, January 25-27 in Atlanta. At Booth C12101, the company will premiere its new All-in-One Inspection Unit, which combines two prime quality assurance functionalities – X-ray foreign objects detection and precision checkweighing – with an enhanced vision system capable of verifying label placement, barcode legitimacy, film detection and validation of expiration. 

The All-in-One, which also includes an advanced reject system that sorts rejected products by pre-set categories, represents the first time WIPOTEC has combined so many inspection functionalities into one machine. Controlled by a single intuitive HMI, the unit is an attractive, space- and cost-saving option for both food & beverage and pharma manufacturers. 

The All-in-One’s calling card is the successful marriage of WIPOTEC’s two specialties: precision checkweighing and X-Ray foreign objects detection. Nicknamed the “Weigh and Ray,” the process features the company’s high-tech Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weigh cells, a differentiating engineering design that guarantees precise weighing results. From there, the unit’s seamless X-Ray scanner can identify foreign objects made of metal and other materials, and has filters available to track for certain other abnormalities.  

Next, the machine’s vision system can flag errors such as an incorrect film, label placement or missing labels, or other aesthetic-driven quality control issues. Here, the All-in-One accomplishes automatically in seconds what the human eye would take far longer to detect, if at all. When an issue is flagged, the machine not only rejects a product, but places it in a predetermined category so that operators can immediately understand the problem and adjust accordingly.

For more information visit http://www.wipotec-ocs.com/us/.