Atlast Food Co., creator of whole-cut meat alternatives from gourmet mushroom mycelium, has announced an official company name change to MyForest Foods Co. Following their 2020 launch into the alt-meat market, the company's transformative new name aligns beautifully with its mission to support a well-fed future through the creation of delicious, mycelium-based foods. The forest—mycelium’s natural environment—serves as a reminder of the origin of this ancient-yet-revolutionary ingredient, inspiring all brand material applications moving forward, from the front-and-center name to the small, subtle details.

MyForest Foods will continue to use mycelium—the vegetative root structure of mushrooms—to grow and harvest complete proteins that mimic traditional meat cuts in both texture and flavor. The brand will continue to produce MyBacon (R) Strips, the company’s flagship product and the world’s first whole-cut, plant-based bacon, with additional products in the works.

This unique, whole-cut approach to plant-based food is enabled by the use of a proprietary AirMycelium cultivation method, developed by MyForest Foods’ parent company, Ecovative. This method offers control over mycelium’s shape and density as it grows, fine-tuning the same environmental factors present in its natural forest habitat.

"Replicating Mother Earth’s magic, we simulate the forest inside our vertical farms—cool rains, evening fog, morning mist, and afternoon breezes create just the right environment for our mycelium to grow, weaving into delicate, precise, and tender whole-cuts for the world to enjoy," said Eben Bayer, chief executive officer of MyForest Foods. “The forest, philosophically and physically, is where we hail from, so this felt like a natural move. ‘From the forest. For the future,’ our new company tagline, captures our essence and purpose.”

“From our name and visual identity to our company mission and values, we aim to inspire our employees and customers through this deep, literal connection to the forest,” said Sarah-Marie Cole, chief marketing officer of MyForest Foods. “Our color palette was developed from real, dye-able mushroom samples. Our illustrative style nods to classic, hand-drawn field guides. Our language reflects the whimsical feeling you get when you wander through the woods. Each choice is meaningful, intentional, and woven together to share our unique and delicious story with the world."

MyForest Foods has already made waves following its Series A funding round and announcement of MyBacon Strips. Focused on scaling business growth to provide more commercial product availability in 2022, the company recently announced its partnership with Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd. which plans to produce nearly three million pounds of MyBacon mycelium each year on less than one acre of land. To further prioritize the scalability of the technology used to create mycelium-based food products, MyForest Foods broke ground on 120,000 square feet of infrastructure between a headquarter facility in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and the world's largest vertical mycelium farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley Region. Both facilities are slated to open this fall. In the interim, MyForest Foods continues to build its team of food innovation experts, expanding career opportunities in the local and remote environments alike.

In the weeks and months ahead, MyForest Foods is eager to greet its customers, retailers, and future friends through updated brand materials, logos, and assets that best reflect the new name. To stay connected and up-to-date on all things MyForest Foods, visit:

Source: MyForest Foods