MyForest Food Co., creator of whole-cut meat alternatives from gourmet mushroom mycelium and an affiliate of Ecovative, an expert in mycelium technologies, has announced its successful trial with Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd. to produce MyBacon strips at commercial scale.

Bringing the forest to the table, MyForest grows mycelium—the vegetative root structure of mushrooms—to harvest complete proteins that mimic traditional meat cuts in both texture and flavor.

Ecovative’s AirMycelium technology enables the fine-tuning of several environmental factors to control mycelium’s shape and density. In the case of meat alternatives, it can be controlled to produce optimal, meat-like qualities. This unique approach to the plant-based food market offers an entirely new, “whole cut” experience, beginning with MyForest's meatless MyBacon strips.

Pairing Ecovative’s infrastructure with their own growing expertise, Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd. will build a dedicated farm to produce an annual yield of nearly three million pounds of MyBacon mycelium on less than an acre of land—with the opportunity to increase this production in 2023.

“Our partnership with Whitecrest and Ecovative will bolster the growth of MyForest to address the critical needs of an expanding alternative-meat market,” said Steve Lomnes, chief operating officer of MyForest Food Co. “It will not only enable us to put more MyBacon strips onto the plates of consumers but unlock a sustainable solution to producing food in a way that is beneficial to our entire ecosystem.”

“After more than a decade of experience growing and producing the highest quality gourmet mushrooms, we’re excited to leverage our expertise in the new market of alternative proteins,” said Murray Good, owner and president of Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd. “This partnership has given us new opportunities to innovate in an entirely new landscape while keeping sustainability at the core of our practice.”

MyForest is currently developing the world's largest vertical mycelium farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley. This approach reflects MyForest's mission to quickly address the impending global food shortage and offer multiple solutions to feed the world.

“MyForest began as a question on how to disrupt factory farming and help alleviate the climate crisis, and we found the solution waiting for us in nature,” said Eben Bayer, co-founder and CEO of Ecovative and MyForest Food Co. “By growing mycelium, we produce food in a climate-conscious way that doesn’t compromise on taste. Now more than ever, Spaceship Earth needs more plant-based food options. Partnering with Whitecrest Mushrooms allows us to meet those growing needs.”

The announcement comes after MyForest launched its first product, a whole-cut, plant-based bacon, in November 2020. MyBacon strips are currently available for purchase at Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY, with more widespread availability expected in 2022.

Source: MyForest Food Co.