Beginning this month, meat and poultry packers and processors will have access to a comprehensive portfolio of food safety products directly from their Zoetis representatives. Through collaboration with Kroff Food Services Inc., Zoetis representatives across the country will offer customers access to a larger range of products including peracetic acid and water treatment solutions. The Zoetis product portfolio will also be available to Kroff Food Services customers.

“Our customers want the convenience of a complete food safety portfolio from one source,” said Kim Rice, Strategic Account Manager at Zoetis. “We are committed to providing comprehensive food safety solutions, including innovative, scientifically-based post-harvest products that help meat and poultry processors and packers deliver complete farm-to-fork solutions.”

Processing plant interventions involve the use of control points within food production to help prevent or eliminate potential microbial food safety risks during the food processing chain. Kroff Food Services division includes full-service intervention as well as water and wastewater treatment solutions for the U.S. market that ensures environmental compliance. Water treatment solutions can be a key area for processing plants to consider when reducing costs and improving sustainability.

Meat and poultry packers and processors in the U.S. will have access to Zoetis and Kroff products, through either company. For more information, please visit and