Ovation Foods has unveiled its new line of nutrient-dense Chicken Stick meat snacks that contain Eggsentials, a truly unique whole food breakthrough that is certain to reinvent the healthy snack food category.

Unlike anything else on the market, each 1.6 ounce CHICKEN STICK touts 20 grams of Protein, zero Sugar, 175 mg of Choline and over 35 additional naturally occurring nutrients that support whole body health. Choline (an essential brain nutrient, deficient in 92% of Americans) is critical to supporting brain health, focus and cognitive function. Best of all, this real food super snack is made from only a few ingredients; lightly seasoned 100% Chicken Breast and One Whole Egg from Eggsentials. Straight from the smokehouse to your house, with three initial offerings: No Soy Teriyaki, Chili Lime, and Smokehouse Original.

Eggsentials is one of the world's most natural whole egg ingredients, delivering all of the bio functional and essential nutrients of one whole egg. This superfood ingredient is not a messy powder or a liquid; it is in fact, a shelf-stable Dried Whole Egg Bead that can nutritionally transform everyday foods, just like Ovation Foods' Chicken Sticks. In months ahead, Ovation Foods will be introducing Chicken Strips and the Eggsentials as a stand-alone ingredient.

The nutrient claim for CHOLINE is an industry first for a meat product and is considered natural in its Eggsentials whole egg ingredient form. Egg is one of the best single dietary food sources of choline. Each Chicken Stick provides 30% Daily Value (DV) of this essential nutrient. To find out more about the significant health benefits of this incredible nutrient and more, visit www.InOvationFoods.com today.

Source: Ovation Foods