JBS USA has announced the launch of Pound of Ground® Crumbles® frozen uncooked ground beef. A first-to-market dinner solution, Pound of Ground Crumbles cooks from frozen with no thawing or planning ahead, helping solve the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” with a ready-to-cook frozen ground beef.

From personal experience as a busy parent combined with a background and knowledge in product development for food companies, Heidi Meyer, creator of Pound of Ground Crumbles, saw a crucial gap in offerings for ground beef.

“I knew there had to be a better way to whip up a delicious, homecooked meal at a moment’s notice,” said Meyer. “Ground beef is at the heart of dinnertime, and even though 62% of ground beef is stored frozen at home, it’s easy to forget to thaw a brick of ground beef in time to start cooking. Plus, half of all people cooking with beef will, at least occasionally, change their meal plans due to defrosting, and I’m certainly among them.”

Created using a proprietary process, Pound of Ground Crumbles is 100% natural ground beef that’s quick frozen, bringing unmatched convenience and ease to meal planning. The idea was born from the desire to always have ground beef at-the-ready.

“Simply put, small pieces cook faster than big pieces,” said Meyer. “So, I ran with this idea to create a better, more convenient way to freeze ground beef and get dinner on the table in no time. Crumbles can be pulled from the freezer and poured freely right into the pan, cooking in 10 minutes or less.”

Now in the market, Pound of Ground Crumbles is anticipated to add 83% of incremental category growth in the meat industry. The full product line provides accessible optionality for consumers looking to prepare ground beef quickly and easily. With nearly 60% of ground beef used in crumbled form, Pound of Ground Crumbles is a unique offering that complements current patty and meatball businesses, while also providing a solution to the dinnertime dilemma.

Pound of Ground Crumbles is available at select stores nationwide. It comes in three varieties—Original 80/20, Hearty-Sized Pieces 80/20 and Original with Onion—and can be found in the frozen meat section.

Source: JBS USA