SEPAmatic Food Processing Machines, a pioneer developer in soft-belt food separation technology, has introduced a new patented cooling feature that further improves soft belt’s already superior output product quality, while also extending belt life for a lower total cost of equipment ownership.

“This is really a prospective game changer,” says David Radford, owner of SEPAmatic’s exclusive North American distributor, B&D Resources, “particularly for protein manufacturers with a premium brand, because keeping the product at its ideal temperature through the recovery process means a fresher yield that can extend shelf life, potentially for days.”

This new technology alleviates the typical temperature rise that is inherent at the point of compression in a soft-belt system. As a result, unlike any other soft-belt alternative, these SEPAmatic machines maximize both the input food product’s integrity and the mechanical belt’s performance longevity. 

With less need to make adjustments or pause for maintenance, operators can now achieve the consistent quality unique to soft-belt separation more easily and cost-effectively. 

The new cooling feature is available for a range of machines in the SEPAmatic line, including units sized for operations with varying daily throughput capacities from five to 25 tons.

Source: SEPAmatic Food Processing Machines