A new BUBBA burger variety, Jalapeño Cheddar, is set to bring shoppers a new innovation just in time for grilling season.

The savory burger serves up convenience, flavor and fun for all backyard grillers eager for a convenient and flavorful start to the 2022 grilling season. Consumers who love the BUBBA burger quality and those experimenting for the first time will enjoy sharing a new and innovative burger with family and friends. Meanwhile, retailers will have new opportunities for cross-merchandising with the Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger.

“We’ve all had more time in the kitchen with family over the last two years, and folks have become more comfortable experimenting with new flavors and recipes,” said Travis Crouse, chief operating officer of BUBBA Foods, LLC.  “Our new Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger builds on consumers’ demand for new and bold flavors, pairs well with a variety of toppings, and offers BUBBA convenience.”

Retailers eager to cross-merchandise will find items from each department partner well with the Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger. The Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger offers stand-alone goodness while partnering well with a variety of toppings. The burger’s creamy cheddar balances its bold jalapeño heat, appealing to a broader audience. 

The Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger captures two growing consumer trends: preference for a little heat in meals and a willingness to experiment. Seventy-five percent of consumers enjoy at least mildly spicy foods, and 49% of U.S. shoppers say they enjoy cooking new dishes. As summer temperatures heat up, the Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger serves both retailers and consumers sizzling opportunities.

“Backyard barbecues, relaxed summer evenings and outdoor excursions are all opportunities for consumers to share the new Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger with family and friends,” Crouse said. “As retailers look ahead to summer demand, we are committed to providing the highest quality and the best innovative burger solutions.”

The Jalapeño Cheddar BUBBA burger is the brand’s 12th beef variety, joining other flavorful BUBBA burger options like Sweet Onion, Bacon Cheddar, Wagyu, and Grass-Fed. Additionally, BUBBA burger offers four veggie burgers, ranging from Latin Grill to Brown Rice and Beans with Beets, and three turkey burger varieties.

Source: BUBBA burger