Perdue AgriBusiness and Bayer have announced a new commercial collaboration agreement to bring Visitive Gold Extend soybeans to market mid-decade, pending EU authorization. In this commercial agreement Bayer will complete the regulatory requirement and commercialize Vistive Gold Xtend soybeans, and Perdue will offer farmers high oleic oil premiums in contract for their Vistive Gold Xtend grain in the Mid-Atlantic Region, initially.

“Through this collaboration, Bayer is enabling farmers access to elite genetics and the weed control flexibility of the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System, while receiving premiums for growing Vistive Gold Xtend grain from Perdue AgriBusiness,” said Kara Isaak, Bayer global soy new business development manager. “We’re focused on providing products to our customers that meet their needs. We recognized a growing demand for high oleic oil, and Vistive Gold Xtend soybeans, once approved, will offer farmers opportunities to enhance profitability, and fill a need in the marketplace.”

Vistive Gold Xtend soybeans will offer tolerance to XtendiMax herbicide with VaporGrip Technology, a restricted use pesticide, and Roundup brand agricultural herbicides to manage tough to control weeds, while providing farmers a high-yield potential product in a premium segment. Its use as a cooking oil offers an improved nutritional profile including low saturated fat and high oleic composition and longer shelf life. When farmers contract their Vistive Gold Xtend soybeans with Perdue AgriBusiness, they can earn a premium price per bushel for the grain, driving greater profitability.

“The volume of high oleic oil requested by our customers continues to increase. As part of our ongoing efforts to meet this growing demand, we and our farmers constantly seek improved soybean seed technology,” said Perry Aulie, senior vice president of Value-Added Products, Perdue AgriBusiness. “Through this partnership with Bayer, we are pleased to make this new solution available to our farmers to help improve the efficiency of their crops and earn higher profitability at the same time.”

Bayer continues to invest in improving soybean genetics, developing next generation soybean traits, to meet the challenges of our soybean customers. After EU authorization, Vistive Gold Xtend soybeans will offer another tool that can bring additional value to our customers.

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Source: Perdue AgriBusiness