Meijer is seeking products from Midwest chefs and culinary artisans to be featured in its Frederik's by Meijer line of premium and innovative food. Prospective vendors interested in partnering with the retailer to expand their retail-ready products onto its shelves under the retailer's foodie-focused line can submit for consideration by Oct. 21. Those selected will partner with Meijer to showcase their products in special "Midwest Made" packaging that highlights their stories.

Meijer is seeking products from Midwest chefs and culinary artisans to be featured in its Frederik’s by Meijer line of premium and innovative food. The extension of the line will feature “Midwest Made” products.

The retailer launched its Frederik's by Meijer brand in October 2021, and it's quickly growing in popularity among customers. The Frederik's brand reflects the high standards and unique vision of its namesake, Fred Meijer, the retailer's co-founder and creator of the first-ever "one-stop shopping" experience. His innovative spirit inspires the line, combining the finest ingredients with authentic and appealing flavors. The extension of the line will feature "Midwest Made" products in keeping with his passion for supporting local businesses and growing with his community.

"Frederik's makes high quality, innovative and unique foods accessible to our customers for those moments when they're looking to make dining memorable," said Peter Whitsett, Meijer executive vice president of merchandising and marketing. "We're excited to use Frederik's to highlight locally crafted products that show off the culinary talent and ingenuity found in our communities."

To qualify, makers must offer retail-ready products made in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky or Wisconsin that embodies the superior flavor and high-quality ingredients the brand stands for to create an elevated experience and memorable occasion for the customer.

Prospective vendors interested in learning more about what Meijer merchants are seeking for this opportunity can register for a webinar regarding product requirements, food safety standards and what it means to be "shelf-ready" here.    

Applicants must submit their products via the retailer's partner, RangeMe, by Oct. 21. The Meijer Team will then select finalists to attend a training session before pitching their products live to Meijer merchants at an in-person event this fall.

"We're always looking to support local businesses and build partnerships that will invest back into the economies of the communities we serve," said Carla Hendon, director of supplier diversity and indirect procurement. "This opportunity is particularly special because it gives us the chance to find niche culinary experiences and bring them to our customers on a larger scale."

While they may not qualify for this event, diverse or local vendors carrying services or products that do not fit the characteristics above are encouraged to submit their information for consideration through the retailer's prospective vendor page. Interested vendors can also learn more about Meijer and its commitment to supplier diversity here.

Source: Meijer