Slater’s 50/50, the brand best known for their gourmet burger restaurants founded in Southern California, is announcing that their new 50/50 Beef & Bacon Hotdogs are available to consumers at nearly all Ralphs grocery stores across California. The hearty quarter-pound franks are 50% beef and 50% bacon.

“These half beef, half bacon hotdogs have really started to take off, and we are super excited that Ralphs has picked them up, just in time for Memorial Day weekend and the start of grilling season,” said Jeff Gaunt, marketing director for BAR-S Foods Co., manufacturer of the hotdogs. “We’ve spent a lot of time developing the perfect, high-quality frank that kicks the flavor to a whole new level, and we believe we have a product that embodies the Slater’s 50/50 brand perfectly.”

“Slater’s 50/50 restaurants were founded here in California and are known for our over-the-top menu options and mouth-watering flavor combinations,” said Ernie Romo, chief operating officer for Slater’s 50/50. “This hotdog product extension was a natural next move for us, and we know our California consumers will love being able [to] find them on the shelves at Ralphs and throw them on the grill at home ... ”

The robust, quarter-pound franks are bursting with bacon flavor, without having to wrap a regular hotdog with bacon strips. They can easily stand alone on the grill, paired with toppings or pack a big flavor punch in smaller bite-sized portions.

In addition to Ralph’s stores, Slater’s 50/50 Beef and Bacon Hotdogs are currently distributed in select Kroger stores in Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville and Columbus, Ohio, as well as other retailers across the country. The product includes four franks per pack and retails between $5.99–6.99 per package.

Source: Slater's 50/50