This year marks a significant milestone for the American Meat Science Association as it celebrates its 60th birthday.

AMSA is a professional society of nearly 2,300 meat scientists representing university research and teaching institutions, government and meat processing, packaging, equipment, ingredient and service companies in the United States and internationally. AMSA members conduct basic and applied research and provide educational programs in muscle growth and development, meat quality, food safety, processing technology and consumer and marketing issues relevant to the international meat industry. 

The association endured significant transition over the past 60 decades but maintains a science focus with emphasis on meat safety, composition, quality and the role of meat in the diet. Membership has expanded from only U.S. academic researchers to international researchers, plus industry professionals and students. The addition of sustaining partnerships from companies associated with the meat industry has stabilized the association and allowed for expanded educational products, course, and resources such as Pork 101, Poultry 101, Salumi 101 and newly launched online courses such as Business of Meat along with numerous student events to involve and attract young talent to opportunities in the industry.

CEO Collette Kaster said, "Our 60 years represent a solid foundation upon which meat science knowledge and application continues to be enhanced ... As AMSA celebrates this milestone, plans are underway to commemorate achievements throughout the year, including special events at the 77th Reciprocal Meat Conference in Oklahoma City."

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Source: American Meat Science Association