SEOUL – Thousands of protesters marched through the South Korean capital against the U.S. beef deal made last month. Police said 30 demonstrators were arrested after scuffles.
The Associated Press reported that a crowd estimated by police at 3,000 held a candlelight vigil Monday night before embarking on the march. The rally ended in the early hours Tuesday as police dispersed the protesters, leading to clashes but no serious injuries, officials said.
Twenty-nine protesters were detained, according to a police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk with media according to the news service.
The latest arrests came hours after police freed 36 out of 68 demonstrators detained at separate rallies over the issue Sunday, the AP reported. Police plan to decide how to handle 32 others by later Tuesday.
The South Korean public has been protesting the beef deal since the beginning of May over concerns of mad cow disease. Both the South Korean and American governments have said that U.S. beef is safe.