Cargill has partnered with its retail grocery customers to launch the “Feed the Whole Family for $10” campaign. Cargill is providing point-of-purchase signage, on-pack stickers, four full-color recipe cards – each with a hearty ground beef recipe – and a Web site ( with more $10 recipes and resources. Recipes featured in stores include Baked Spaghetti, Texas Stew, Shepherd’s Pie and Bierocks.

“This program helps retailers address the economic pressures their customers are facing by providing cost-effective meal solutions as well as all of the recipes and preparation tips they need,” said Elizabeth Gutschenritter, Cargill brand manager. “Our research shows that 30 percent of consumers are purchasing more ground beef than a year ago. Our goal in collaborating with retailers on this promotion is to ensure that consumers have a positive experience with the product by arming them with easy-to-prepare, great-tasting recipes that may provide a new experience with ground beef and spur repeat purchase.”

The promotion runs through April 13 and is being delivered at nearly 1,100 grocery locations across the country. Along with the promotion, there is an instant-win game that gives consumers a chance to win free ground beef for a year. The on-pack stickers will include a game code for entry online. There will be 14 winners, each of whom will receive coupons redeemable for about 150 pounds of free ground beef.

Source: Cargill Meat Solutions

Beef exports to Japan may increase 35%

The U.S. Meat Export Federation said that a stronger yen may result in as much as a 35 percent increase in beef exports to Japan. The amount of beef exports may grow from 74,000 metric tons last year to 100,000 metric tons this year, said USMEF president Philip Seng, according to Bloomberg reports.

Exports last year were 85 percent below levels before trade was disrupted by the discovery of mad cow disease in Washington state in 2003. The yen rose 23 percent against the U.S. Dollar, which should reduce the price and boost demand of U.S. Beef. U.S. Beef producers are still not allowed to export beef from cattle that are 20 months of are or older.

“We are still required to provide cattle under the age of 20 months, and we see this as a limiting factor on our exports,” Seng told reporters. “We are hoping our two governments will be able to resolve this issue in the very near future.”

Source: Bloomberg

4 Cargill workers charged with identity theft

Four workers from Cargill Meat Solutions' Dodge City, Kan., plant are facing aggravated identity theft charges for fraudulently using names and social security numbers of others to work at the plant. The four Mexican citizens, Leonardo Leon-Flores, Rogelio Gomez-Bernardino, Ramiro Santos-Carreto and Alejandro Cruz-Flores, made initial court appearances Monday in U.S. District in Wichita, according to AP reports.

The arrests came after agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement went to the men's homes on Feb. 18, following a lead provided by the Federal Trade Commission. Agents also used a two-year-old immigration audit of Cargill immigration records.

Source: Associated Press

Pork producers may be profitable in 2009

After losses that date back to October, 2007, pork producers may see a modest profit in 2009. Hog prices are expected to rise seasonally in the upcoming months, and feed costs are expected to drop, according to Cattle Network. Hog producers are expected to see an average live price of $47.50 per hundredweight, with production costs averaging $45.50.

In an article written by Chris Hurt, extension economist at Perdue University, he notes that the declining world economy is leading to reduced pork demand, but it is also helping to lower feed costs as corn and soybean meal prices decline. “Wide fluctuations in costs of production are the primary reason for an estimated profit of $27 per head in 2006 and an estimated loss of $17 per head in 2008. Changing prices of corn and soybean meal have been the drivers of returns,” he writes.

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Source: Cattle Network

T.G.I. Friday's offering top entrees for $9.99

T.G.I. Friday's restaurants will be offering ten of its best-selling entrees for $9.99 through April 8. “Our guests are looking for value now more than ever but they can still count on Friday's for great flavors,” said Andrew Jordan, senior vice president of marketing for T.G.I. Friday's USA. “With Friday's Top 10 for $9.99, they'll get both with a broad range of flavorful choices across the menu for a great price.”

Among the discounted menu items are Prime Rib Stroganoff, Brushetta Chicken Pasta, Flat-Iron Steak, Petite Sirloin and Chipotle Steak Sandwich.

Source: T.G.I. Friday's