KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Seasoning blending company, Old World Spices & Seasonings, had its best October and November in history in 2008, and the company is executing an incremental expansion plan that it expects to begin in 2009. Some might say, “Wow,” given the economic climate, and owner John Jungk wouldn’t argue. He would add that the “wow” is in the taste of the products his company creates. Private label products are at the heart of the operation.

“Every new dry mix or seasoning we create has to be judged a “wow” product by our internal taste panel,” says the owner of the 20-year-old manufacturer of rubs, mixes and dairy, bread and meat seasonings. “Whether we are creating a new just-add-water soup for our own Laurie’s Kitchen™ line, or an all-natural just-add-water sauce mix for a famous TV chef, nothing goes out for the client to approve unless our internal tasters give it the “wow” designation.”

Jungk considers private label business Old World’s bread and butter. The company focuses on the specialty food category. Old World has the capacity to turn out tons of private label dry meal mixes, soups, gravies, dressings and sauces for mainstream grocery clients. Its primary private label clients, however, are marketers who know how to tap into the specialty food market that stands strong during economic downturns. Lead articles in both Private Label Buyer and Contract Manufacturing and Packaging (CMP) magazines in February confirm that private label food sales are not declining, but growing, in this economy. In fact, CMP reports double-digit growth in 2008 for the first time in years.

“Private label products are especially important in a tightening economy,” says vice president Amy Jungk. “High quality private label products found only at your store can multiply your brand exposure and spur repeat visits. Demo your own products,” suggests Amy, “to show customers the quality and value and to build brand loyalty. We help clients with nutritional data, kosher certification, labeling requirements, and we can even connect customers with our packaging sources to help reduce set-up costs.”

“There is nothing quite like seeing one of the products we produce featured at one of the Fancy Food Shows under a brand name that is garnering media attention and awards,” says David Maples who specializes in helping Old World meat rub and seasoning customers develop and package new products. “Old World has many packaging options available to customers,” says Maples. For additional information about Old World’s private label program, contact Amy Jungk at amy@oldworldspices.com or David Maples at david@oldworldspices.com.