WASHINGTON – The Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued two notices as part of an effort to improve the development and maintenance of data collection and analysis system.
A report on the American Meat Institute, the goal of the effort is to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the agency’s program.
FSIS Notice 37-08 “Consumer Complaint Monitoring System (CCMS) 2.0” announces the launch of a modified Consumer Complaint Monitoring System (CCMS) 2.0. The modified version of CCMS does not necessitate a revision to FSIS Directive 5610.1, Procedures to Implement the Consumer Complaint Monitoring System. Therefore, FSIS personnel are to continue to follow the instructions in that directive, the report said.
The second notice issued, FSIS Notice 38-08 “In-Commerce System and Administrative Enforcement Report System,” announces the release of the In-Commerce System and describes its features and uses, the AMI reported.
The In-Commerce System is a new, Web-based system that the Office of Program Evaluation, Enforcement and Review (OPEER), Office of Field Operations (OFO), and Office of International Affairs (OIA) will use to document and report compliance and enforcement activities.
Both notices are available on the FSIS Web site.